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this is genious!

this is sometihing with a great storyline! keep it up

hehe nice

it funny to see how bandages always seem to magicly cure everything...

nice but

MUSIC BY RAMMSTEIN YOU *%^**^#$_ apocalyptyca covered it once but this was definitely played by rammstein. and afford in the anymation, and some voice acting would've been nice

Comick responds:

Rammstein -"Reise Reise" in the 1st part
Apocalyptica-"I Don't Care" in the 2nd part

lol geez I put credit titles right BEFORE each flash AND in the author's comments still no one reads them wtf Xb

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sadface reply plz!!

pity your site crashed, i'd love to play the full version! if I PM you my email, will you email me if your site is running again?


but why did they all flee in terror when you're on the ground? :S


im giving it a six, there were some major bugs in the game, i had to refresh my browser 3 times and then I got sick of it. you may wanna work on that

MrRandomist responds:

mini-game collab 2 will be way higher quality than this, sorry for the annoyance

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name it Partycrashers :) slammin beat you wrote there envy!

more a videogame loop than a drum and bass song. intro and outtro too long, nice 'hook' but it loops too much, it's 2 minutes the same thing over and over again.


I really like what you did, cause in my opinion it's really setting a kind of dark mood. what I mean is I can imagine games like half life and such with this kind of music on it, possibly even this track ^^ I get a sort of... how do I put it... "lost in space" kind of feeling, cause it really got me "drifting", by which I mean that I ended up in some kind of trance. I'll bet putting this on my iPod *clicks download* to listen to whenever I feel like laying down in the grass field near my house and "drift" away. so keep up the work and I'll consider buying your CD, in case you'd be able to ship to europe, and I can afford it ^^'
PS: I'd appreciate it if you listened to my music too, and gave me me feedback and/or tips? it's not much yet, but there's more coming :3


FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I think that in the future, I would absolutely love to compose ambient tracks for games. In fact, I have looked for games here on Newgrounds to compose for. The eery sounds of Silent Hill are my favorite. Sure man, I will give you some feedback. :)

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very nice ^__^

though she has like 2 inch long nipples :s

I´d gladly offer you a free facepunch, but i´ll kick yer bollcks instead..

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